8 Ways To Fake (Make) Social Media Visuals

I fake it. I’m a writer, not a professional designer or photographer. But I can seem like one when I’m able to produce attractive and effective social media visuals of all kinds. There are apps for that! Here are some design and production apps that can help you fake it, too.


1. Snappa
2. Canva

If graphic design isn’t your thing, try apps like Snappa or Canva to assemble colors, fonts, graphics and text for professional-looking images that can be sized for various social networks.

made with Snappa…


3. Evertoon
4. Explee
5. Powtoon
6. StopMotion Studio

Make animated stories with 3-D characters using your iPhone with Evertoon. Or try Powtoon on the web. Produce easy animated videos for your company using Explee (web-based). Do you like stop motion animation? Try StopMotion Studio.


7. Adobe Spark
8. Ripl

Combine images, video, and other creative assets to make multimedia Stories with apps like Adobe Spark and Ripl. You can also download your Stories from Snapchat and use them on other social networks.

What visual creation tools do YOU use?

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