Blogworld: The Future of Blog Platforms

Franklins_printing_press I’m moderating a panel at Blogworld at 10:15am on Wednesday, May 25th calledThe Future of Blog Platforms.” ROOM 1A16.

We’ll talk techie stuff but also talk about practical ways to leverage the way blog platforms are changing. The panelists are:

Chang Kim from Blogger

Rich Pearson from Posterous

Evan Solomon from WordPress

These guys will provide different perspectives about blogging and blog platforms from behind-the-scenes and the tech side to funtionality and the business side.

Here’s the description of our session:

Where has blogging come from and what will blogging look like in the next 5 years? Blogging today is entirely different from years past, and this panel will take you into the future of blogging.

Learn how “social” has changed blogging forever and how “mobile” is impacting the blogosphere in exciting new ways.

Find out how to capitalize on these disruptions and take your blog to another level. Hear from blog industry pioneers and innovators to understand what’s next in blogging and blog platforms.

What questions do you have about blogs and blog platforms for the panelists? Post here or tweet it with hashtag #blogfuture.

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