Don’t Let Social Media Scare You! (Yuma 11/2 Event)

When I move to a new community, I love to get involved and find ways to give back. One way I do this is to hold free events where I can meet people and answer questions they might have about the Internet including social media, social networks, mobile apps and more.

So in that vein, I’ll be appearing at Hastings in Yuma, AZ!

DATE: 11/2 Saturday

TIME: From 2pm-4pm

TIME: 2820 S 4th Ave (928) 344-4614


The afternoon will be a “Meet the Author” and “Ask the author lots of questions about social media” event. All ages welcome. Any question about the Internet is welcome.

Aliza Postcard Hastings

Special thanks to Jonny and Cody at Media Management and Susan and Kristan at Limelight Creative Group for making this happen. 

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