Aliza Emails Header 2014-AZ_edited-1Looking to achieve Work Life Tech Zen? Me, too. I share Productivity & Creativity apps a few times a month…

“Aliza Sherman is my secret weapon.” –Heather Smith, Small Business advocate, XERO, MYOB

“Love Aliza’s timely thoughts! I relished her ideas.” –Jill Foster, Speechwriter, speech designer, script editor at

 “Aliza is a web and mobile pioneer digital diva!” –Ananda Leeke, Innerpreneur and author, Digital Sisterhood

“I love getting these emails! I use the info all the time!” –Whitney Gray Wilkerson, Next for Women

I can help.

Each week, I focus on one tech topic and give you a clear overview of the technology, the app, the concept, or the process.

Short, sweet, easy to read, and easy to take action.

Isn’t that what makes learning the most valuable? Being able to put what you’ve just read to immediate use is empowering.

Here are some sample emails I’ve sent out:

That 25th Hour in Your Day

Flowcharts for Clarity

Presentations Don’t Have to Be Boring

 So what are you waiting for?


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  5. Judy Musa

    Love reading about you & your family’s latest adventures…Alaska to Arizona -sticking to the A states but boy are they different…Thanks for all the pearls of wisdom.


  6. Stacey

    I heard your podcast with steve p young and found my way to your site.
    I believe that I have a great app with Habit reCode but I find marketing such a challenge. I will be checking out all of your resources 🙂

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