How can I be of service at SXSW in Austin?

Another wild and crazy idea…

Update: When I can, I will be seated – with tiara and boa – in the lobby of the Convention Center at SXSW. Stop by and ask me anything! I’m happy to be of service.

On Sunday, I’ll spend most of my day at Good by Global. Hope to see you there!

Previously posted…

I want to park myself in a hotel lobby or other convenient location in downtown Austin near the Convention Center for SXSW.

I will put up a little sign saying “Free Consultations,” and will spend my time between meetings and events answering questions on any topic I’m familiar.

I’m couching this as “free digital marketing consultations” but also happy to answer questions about Alaska, RVing, and book writing and publishing or even more personal stuff like miscarriage and Post Partum Depression.

I will just be still, be open and see what happens.

I may be wearing my pink tiara and boa for easy identification or will have it displayed nearby.

But the main question is: Where should I park myself?

I’d like it to be a consistent spot so people can find me. And note: I do not have a SXSW pass this year. Spending my Q1 quarter travel budget on getting there with #RVSX so I’m going rogue.

This is not the same thing as offering to donate some online marketing consulting time IN-PERSON to one Austin-based or SXSW-bound nonprofit. If you are interested in that, please fill out the request form.

Ideas, thoughts, suggestions?


  1. Joyce Sullivan

    Hi Aliza, I’ll be at SXSW too. The Hilton Lobby next to the convention center has a very spacious lobby area near the check in desk with fairly comfy chairs etc (as I recall from last year!) plus lots of traffic as it’s close to the action. I’ll be staying at the Hilton so will look for you with your feather boa etc if you decide to ‘set up shop’ there! Be well and see you soon.

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