My 11th Book is Out Plus 2 Webinars on Self-Care

What a whirlwind week, month, year! So much going on, and I forgot to post about my book coming out last week. It is here, and it is REAL. It never ceases to amaze me when a box of my latest book arrives. Even though this is my eleventh, the thrill is still there, second only to the thrill of seeing it on the bookshelf at a brick and mortar bookstore.


I’m incredibly grateful to my co-author, Beth Kanter, and could not have written this book without her. I initially pitched Beth with the idea of a book about Tech Wellness to help guide people like us – tech lovers who were feeling the negative effects of “uber connectivity” – on how to have better relationships with ubiquitous technology (one of my favorite topics). That idea morphed into a book for nonprofit organizations around the concepts of the critical need for self-care amongst nonprofit professionals and the strategic imperative for nonprofit organizations to encourage and support the self-care of their staff for making sustainable impact when trying to change the world. Thus The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact Without Burnout was born!

Now Beth and I on the journey of spreading the word about our book and starting conversations around self-care in the nonprofit sector. We’re planning out our January/February 2017 Book Tour on the East and West Coasts (contact us if you’d like us to speak at your organization or event).

Cartoons in our book are from Rob Cottingham.

Cartoons in our book are from Rob Cottingham.

Part of our efforts includes guest posts such as these recent ones:

Updating the Nonprofit Work Ethic – Stanford Social Innovation Review
How nonprofit leaders can protect themselves and their staff from burnout and achieve higher, more sustainable organizational performance.

Four Smart Ways to Avoid Burnout for Nonprofit Professionals – Guidestar
We’ve all heard the advice on a plane to “put your oxygen mask on first,” but we roll our eyes and call it cliché. That simple statement is probably the most powerful piece of advice you’ll ever hear about the importance of taking care of yourself first above all others.

An Anti-Burnout Training – Anti Burnout Training: A Story From Beth Kanter on
As a trainer in the nonprofit sector for past 25 years, my book writing naturally leads to new curriculum for the development of nonprofit professionals. I was thrilled to be able to pilot a new workshop based on my book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Impact Without Burnout.

The Critical Need for Self-Care in Our Work – The Huffington Post by Aliza Sherman
Working for a nonprofit that has limited resources can be a pressure cooker. But what if your organization’s culture encouraged you, and everyone who worked there, to embrace self-care without guilt?

The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit: Impact Without Burnout – The Huffington Post by Beth Kanter
In our book, we’ve explored the causes of burnout in the nonprofit sector and offer alternatives to dysfunction, energy depletion, sleep deprivation, low morale, high turnover, and other conditions that stand in the way of achieving better outcomes.

We also are engaging with nonprofit leaders and professionals through webinars…

Upcoming Webinars

On Thursday, October 20th at 1 pm EST, Blackbaud is hosting a Twitter Chat to explore what it takes for your nonprofit to become happy and healthy. Beth and I will answer questions and offer up specific tips on practical self-care. Follow the hashtag #happyhealthynp on Twitter.


On Tuesday, October, 25th,  we are presenting a free webinar (you can sign up in advance), The Happy Healthy Marketer: Self-Care for Nonprofit Marketershosted by the Nonprofit Marketing Guide.



We hope you’ll us for these online events. Or perhaps we’ll meet up on the East or West Coast? 

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