My 3 Words for 2014: Laugh. Love. Create.

Inspired by the #3words project, I’ve decided on my 3 Words for 2014. For reference, you can read 3 Words from Chris Brogan and C.C. Chapman.

My 3 words for 2013 were: 


My 3 words for 2012 were: 


For 2014, my 3 words are: Laugh. Love. Create.



Laughter goes hand-in-hand with joy. I think the sunshine of Arizona infuses me with brighter laughter where as the dark of Interior Alaska made my laugh brittle and bitter. The power of humor, of smiling, of laughing with abandon can not be underestimated. Hand-in-hand with laughter is fun. Pure, unadulterated fun. Think of that word: unadulterated as in “not mixed or diluted with any different or extra elements.” As we become adults, I think we dilute our essence of joy and our laughter gets far too controlled. Here’s to uncontrollable laughter!


When you give love without reservation or expectation, you get love. When you love yourself, you have a greater capacity to love others and be loved. Love comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. I want to focus filling my heart and my life with more love. And lavishing myself with love, not hyper-critical examination at every turn. More LOVE.

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I always “threaten” to be more creative each new year. I am productive. (I am also a workaholic, but that’s another blog post). People think I’m creative, but I’d like to spend this year being ARTISTICALLY creative. Part of my process to CREATE is to join a friend to form a “girl band.” It’s just two of us, guitars and ukeleles and our voices in harmony. We rehearse weekly and have set a goal to perform together in February. I wasn’t even sure if I was “good enough” to do this. I love Karaoke and feel alive when I’m performing, but I had no proof that I could be in a band. I auditioned for my friend who is a seasoned performer. She liked what she heard. I was IN. I also plan to take classes in pottery and painting. Not sure if I have any talent there, but it seems like a way to unlock and unbury vibrant, unbridled creativity. CREATE!

And…I’m creating Moo Cards and stickers with Laugh. Love. Create to hand out and spread the words. (referral link)

What are YOUR 3 WORDS for 2014? Write them down, make them real.


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