MediaeggWork with Aliza Sherman for mindful, high-level strategic digital marketing consulting services to reach your audiences and goals in more meaningful ways.

Aliza brings over 24 years of Internet, Web, Social Media and Mobile Marketing experience to the table. Very few Internet marketing consultants can say that!

1. Get an Assessment and a Plan
[digital marketing strategy]

  • Aliza will review what you’re doing online with social media, mobile, email and web marketing and provide you with a Social Media or Online Marketing Report Card and Roadmap with deep insights into how you’re doing in digital marketing and how you can improve.

2. Capture the Attention of Your Target Market
[social media content development]

  • We formulate and craft highly targeted, custom-created, multimedia digital storytelling morsels to attract your online community and drive tangible, measurable results.

3. Cultivate Your Online Community
[online community engagement]

  • We lift the burden of day-to-day communications and get essential daily support to engage your social networking communities with thoughtful monitoring, managing and responding to the conversations that help you build relationships.

4. Communicate Cross-Platform (Not just the Web)
[360 degree marketing]

  • We work with you to create 360 degree experiences for your audience across multiple devices and platforms so you are present with them at multiple touch points.

5. Educate and Empower Others
[in-person training, webinars, teleseminars]

  • Our fearless leader, Aliza Sherman, provides dynamic and forward-thinking digital marketing training for C-level executives, managers and teams from building effective websites to cultivating online community to understanding and optimizing social networks. Bring her to your event, physically or virtually.

6. Get a Grip and Be More Mindful
[work/life technology and life/career coaching]

Hire Aliza Sherman for keynotes and workshops

Need a social media ambassador for your brand? Aliza endorses select products each year, aligning her brand with your brand, and promoting it to her community [with full disclosure]. Inquire Today.

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What people are saying…

“Aliza is a class act. Happy to recommend her and her team.” -Howard Greenstein, Consultant, Writer, Professor and President at the Harbrooke Group

“Aliza is an expert tech evangelist/social media guru who always puts her clients’ interests first…” -Sonya Senkowsky, Senior Creative Consultant at Bristol Bay Resource Solutions LLC

“[Aliza’s] insight, high degree of professional skills and experience, and her wide knowledge of media and communications makes her the perfect partner for almost any project.” Tom Watson, President of CauseWired

“Aliza Sherman is my secret weapon.” –Heather Smith, Small Business advocate, XERO, MYOB

“[Aliza’s] fresh, innovative ideas advanced my stodgy outcome needs, and the the results surpassed expectations.” Cassandra Stalzer Communications Director at Rasmuson Foundation

“Love Aliza’s timely thoughts! I relish her ideas.” –Jill Foster, Speechwriter, speech designer, script editor at

Hire Aliza and Transform How You Use Technology!