PowerTools for Women in Business – Based on Aliza’s motivational business book of the same name, this session touches on key actions women can take to transform their professional – and personal – lives. Tell your story, take charge of change, tackle technology, nurture your network, and more!

Tapping Into Your Story Wisdom (The Art of Professional Storytelling) – Learn how to zero in on your own stories to better communicate who you are, what you do, and why people should engage with you. Perfect for women business owners, aspiring speakers, writers or any woman wanting to paint a clearer picture with words.

Building A Winning Personal Brand (The Art of Self Promotion) – Owning your accomplishments and promoting yourself can be a challenge for women, even in business. Learn how to shape a strong personal brand that projects not only a positive image that attracts attention but one that instills confidence and positions you for the “win.” Can include tips for leveraging social media for personal brand building.

Social Media for Women in Business – From crafting a stellar bio to choosing the right photos to showcasing your capabilities, this interactive workshop motivates  women to embrace and leverage social media for their professional advancement. Learn additional tactics for getting more out of social networks and better managing the information overload.

Owning Your Gray – A passionate presentation about the perceptions of gray hair on men versus women and how women can turn gray hair into an asset. A larger commentary on how women allow what they see in the mirror to dictate how they feel about themselves and how they present themselves to others. Liberating, inspiring, and motivational!

Where We’ve Been: Women in Technology – A vision of where women have been throughout the last several decades of the technology and new media industries. Perfect for colleges, women’s conferences, women’s issues programs. Presented by a female Web pioneer.


Aliza can craft custom presentations for any audience interesting in women’s issues including women and entrepreneurship and women and technology.

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