Managing Social Media Overload – Practical tips to being more efficient and effective with social media tools and tactics.

Social Media and Mobile Marketing Best Practices – Specific approaches to social interactive and mobile marketing tailored to any industry but grounded in universal best practices to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

“Download This App Now” – An introduction to practical web and mobile apps geared toward being more productive, efficient, organized and streamlined.

“Apps for Your Life” – An introduction to sensible web and mobile apps geared toward streamlining, simplifying, organizing, and enjoying life.

The Zen of Being Digital – A calmer approach to technology as a useful tool but grounded in the vision for the lives we want to lead, the relationships we want to have, and the peace we hope to achieve.

Starting a Home Based Business – Based on tips and stories found one of the books she co-wrote – Mom, Incorporated – Aliza guides women through the steps of starting and running a business from home. Learn to juggle  home and business when both are under the same roof.

Working, Virtually: The Art of Telecommuting – Set up the ideal work situation by telecommuting or starting and running a virtual business. Don’t stay locked to a desk in an office. Learn about the best work environments, essential equipment and apps, and useful resources for the virtual worker or virtual company.

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