Take It Easy: Quality, not quantity

We try to so to do everything, be everywhere, and somehow our identities or feelings of worth are tied into doing, doing, doing.

The truth is the best and most powerful way for any of us to be is to just be – be ourselves, be aware, be open.

Why is just the act of simply being present in our lives and in our work so challenging for many of us?

When we are present, attentive, engaged, thoughtful, mindful – what we do has far more impact overall on our work, our communities and our well-being.

Let’s go for quality, not quantity.


top: image by elestren, sxc.hu
bottom: image by Nervafilip


  1. Filip Maes

    The picture of the flower was taken at the port of Caión, Spain.
    There were lots of them, but this little brave one decided to go solo and settle in a tiny hole in a nearby rock. 
    It teached me a few good lessons, as well as this blog post did!

    Many Thanks.


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