Two Webinars in December

Beth Kanter and I will be teaching two more webinars before the end of the year based on our new book The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact Without Burnout. Our book is different from typical nonprofit management books that address the specific knowledge and abilities required to do a nonprofit job.

There are plenty of books about nonprofit management, strategic planning, evaluation, financial matters, and all the hard skills for leading a nonprofit organization. But there aren’t any books out there for nonprofits that give credence to the softer skills that are the underpinning of every organization’s culture and that directly affect staff members’ focus and energy levels critical to achieving missions.

The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact Without Burnout provides a practical roadmap for getting better results from mission-based, social change work by paying closer attention to individual and organizational wellbeing. We love speaking about the topics contained in our book and sharing the stories of nonprofit organizations that are getting it right like Crisis Text Line, Tech SoupThe United Way in Sioux FallsCrisis Response Network, and Pathways to Education Canada.

Here are the webinar details!

Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 3pm ET: CharityHowTo on “How to Avoid Burnout and Have More Impact Through Your Work” 


This nonprofit webinar will present a case for nonprofit professionals to engage in self-care and provide steps to shift organizational culture from one of sacrifice and burnout to one where balance, rest and replenishment are part of a strategy for success.

Bonus! This nonprofit webinar also includes free downloadable self-assessments and worksheets for gauging the risk for burnout and how to avoid it

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Thursday, Dec 8 at 11am CT/12pm ET: Nonprofit Hub webinar understanding and reducing burnout in the nonprofit sector


Outcomes of the webinar:

  • Identify common sources of burnout in nonprofit organizations
  • Learn stress reduction strategies for yourself and your team
  • Develop a plan address competing priorities without creating new stresses

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Not able to make it to a webinar? They will have recorded sessions for you if you register. You can also get the book!



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