What is the future of social media?

I was asked what the future of social media was.

I said “the real world.”

You win with social media if you get face-to-face right along with it.

Social media isn’t the end all be all of marketing. It is just one aspect of marketing.

Social media done well is part online marketing and  part offline marketing and as often as you can get it, part in-person experience.

I’ve referred to this online/offline blend as a “hybrid experience” where social media leads you to an offline, face-to-face experience and when you’re face-to-face, you work in social media cues appropriately to enhance the immediate experience.

We’re all carrying our smartphones with us everywhere. Look around you at the next conference you attend. Chances are, people are holding their smartphones as they walk through the corridors, they have them in hand as they sit down for a meal. Or they’re raising their phone to snap a photo.

How are you creating hybrid experiences that seamlessly bring people into your world and provide them more opportunities to interact meaningfully with your brand?

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